Packet Filter bundled in the upcoming Oracle Solaris 11.4

Oracle Solaris 11.4 includes the OpenBSD Packet Filter (PF) firewall for filtering TCP/IP traffic. PF firewall is a replacement to the IP Filter (IPF) in Oracle Solaris 11.4, enabling both bandwidth management and packet prioritization.

To use the PF firewall, install the pkg:/network/firewall package and enable the svc:/network/firewall:default service instance

PF includes the pflogd feature, a packet logging daemon that safely saves packets logged by the PF firewall. These packets are available from a capture datalink. The daemon reads packets from this datalink and stores them into a file. For more information, see the pflogd(8) man page.

PF supports ftp-proxy, a semi-transparent proxy for FTP, supporting IPv4 NAT. Systems running the PF firewall for NAT can use the ftp-proxy to allow FTP connections to pass through the firewall. For more information, see the ftp-proxy(8) man page.

For more information, see Chapter 3, "Oracle Solaris Firewall" in Securing the Network in Oracle Solaris 11.4 and the pfctl(8), pf.conf(7), and pf.os(7) man pages.

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