NetWorker lockbox password management

In prior NetWorker versions many NetWorker application modules were storing "sensitive" database username and password information on the NetWorker Client in flat text files. These files were necessary for the configuration of client backup operations specifically with application modules. Such setups were not only insecure they were impacting customer satisfaction with NetWorker as a solution.

NetWorker 7.5 now provides a lockbox service that allows NetWorker application modules to securely store and retrieve passwords over the network.

The lockbox service uses encryption and provides a separate password storage area for each NetWorker client. Each password storage area has an access list to allow authorised users to store, retrieve and delete passwords.

Lockbox Password Management

Note: To use the lockbox password management feature you need to log in as root, or as Windows administrator on the NetWorker server.

Lockbox Setup

  • In the client NetWorker Administration window, click the Configuration tab.
  • Right-click Lockboxes, and select New.
  • The Create NSR Lockbox window opens.
  • Determine what you would like to call the lockbox and type that name in the Name: field.
  • In the Users: field, enter the usernames that will have permission to store, retrieve and delete passwords. Use the user@destination_client_name or user@hostname format when listing.
  • Verify that the lockbox is listed in the NetWorker Administration window.

For more information on Lockbox password management refer to the NetWorker 7.5 Administration Guide.