Using ipmitool to reset ILOM root password

If you get into a situation where the root password on your ILOM is unknown and you have root access to the Solaris OS you can change the ILOM password back to the default “changeme” or to any other password you desire using the following command.

All you need to do is simply execute the following command from the Solaris OS to reset the ILOM password:

ipmitool user set password 0x02 NEW_PASSWORD

Where 0x02 is the root user and NEW_PASSWORD is the new desired password you wish to set for the ILOM

For example, to simply change it back to the default "changeme", we would execute:

# ipmitool user set password 0x02 changeme

Note: There will be no confirmation after running the ipmitool command confirming that the password on the ILOM has changed.