Resetting Oracle VM 3.x Agent Password

Oracle VM, is a centrally managed hypervisor. All administrative actions must be performed from the Oracle VM Manager. In order to facilitate the initial discovery of the Hypervisor by the Management Server part of the setup requires that we not only set the password for the root user, but also the password for the ovs-agent.

We then initiate a discovery process from the management server to the hypervisor and end up able to manage our hypervisor.

During our initial setup we misplaced the password for the agent. which resulted in the Oracle VM server being unable to successfully authenticate with the hypervisor in order to complete the discovery process.

Once you have successfully discovered the hypervisor you can change the agent password at the server pool level, which will allow you to maintain different agent passwords for different log ical areas.

In our environment we are running Oracle VM 3.4.1.

# ovs-agent-passwd oracle
Password: <yourpasshere>
Again: <yourpasshere>

After changing the password, discovery went off without any further hitches, of course I could have just as easily misplaced it again, and I would have been right back at square one.

NOTE: This procedure also works with OVM 3.1.1