Disable the power/suspend key on Sun keyboard

For some Sun type keyboards, the top right-hand corner is the power-suspend key. Whilst this maybe useful on a workstation, you certainly do not want it active if attached to a server.

In this post I show options to disable the key outright and an alternative to reassign the key to perform screenlock instead.

To disable the key altogether edit the /usr/openwin/lib/speckeysd.map file and comment out the following entries (a reboot is required):
#SunPowerSwitch         -     $OPENWINHOME/bin/sys-suspend
#SunPowerSwitchShift    -     $OPENWINHOME/bin/sys-suspend -n
an alternative is to reassign it to do something else. For example lockscreen /usr/openwin/lib/speckeysd.map:
SunPowerSwitch - $OPENWINHOME/bin/xlock -mode random -nice 10 -allowroot