Sun StorEdge SE99x0 default passwords

This post simple provides a list of the default passwords for the Sun Storage SE 99x0 arrays and Hitatchi Data Systems (HDS) Storage systems.

INSTALL Define Configuration & Install raid-install
Change Configuration
Logical Device Format raid-online
Micro-Program Install Offline FC raid-online
Version Checking raid-softmnt
MAIN Screen Define Configuration & Install (Ctrl+Shift+I) raid-initialsetup
DEBUG Mode (Ctrl+Shift+D) raid-debug
MODE Change Mode (Ctrl+Shift+M) mode
Upgrade Cache with 128 SIMM (Ctrl+Shift+C) cm-replace
Change Shared Memory SIMM Size 16/64->64or64->16/64 (Ctrl+Shift+S) sm-replace
MAINTENANCE Logical Device Format Format raid-online
Blockade raid-online
Restore (Force) recover-forcibly
PC Watch (SE9910/SE9960) Change Reboot Parameter svp-reboot
SVP Login (SE9990) SVP Administrator Login raid-login
Misc Pre-Checking (including Multi-Maint) raid-online
Replace HDD with Pinned Track exist-pintrack
Affect HRC Setting raid-hrc
De-Installation Check raid-online
Execute SVP Separation Routes etarapes
HODM & HRC Using DKC SVP hrchodm-forcibly
HOMRCF Execure HOMRCF Initialise raid-homrcf
HORC Execute HORC horc-forcibly
HMRCF Execute HMRCF Initialise and Delete All Pairs raid-hmrcf