Network ports used by Veritas Storage Foundation

This article provides a list of network ports that are used by Storage Foundation and Storage Foundation HA for both the UNIX and Windows platforms.

These details can be used for opening up relevant ports in firewall installed between nodes and clusters.

UNIX Platforms

The following table contains list of network ports that are used by Storage Foundation for Unix (SF) and Storage Foundation HA for Unix (SF-HA).

Table 1 — Ports that are used by SF and SF-HA
Product Port # Protocol Description
VCS 162 VCS Notifier configured for SNMP Notifications.
VCS 25 SMTP VCS Notifier configured for SMTP Notifications
VCS 8181 TCP Cluster Management Console
VCS 14300 TCP VRTSWeb Administrative port.
VCS 14141 TCP VCS Server
VCS 14144 TCP Notifier Listening Port
VCS 14145 TCP Global cluster Communication
WACPort 14155 TCP Global cluster Wide-Area Connector
LLT 5166 LLT communication across firewall
LLT 49152 to 65535 UDP Unique UDP port in the range of 49152-65535 for LLT link.
VCS Simulator 15550 to 15563 TCP Anonymous port used by Simulator 15550-15558 & 15560-15563
vxsvc 2148 TCP VEA client connects to vxsvc server
VEAWeb 8443 TCP To access through Web Console.
VxPBX 1556 TCP bi-directional for Authentication Broker
vxsvc 2148 TCP By host to locate the Authentication Service Root Broker
SFMS 2821 TCP VxAT RootBroker
SFMS Agent 3207 UDP Agent heartbeat to SFMS server
VVR 4145 TCP UDP IANA approved port for heartbeat communication between the Primary and Secondary.
VVR 8199 TCP IANA approved port for communication between the vradmind daemons on the Primary and the Secondary.
VVR 8989 TCP Communication between the in.vxrsyncd daemons on Primary and Secondary Server for RVG synchronization.
VVR 32768 to 65535 TCP Anonymous port for data transer

Windows Platform

The following table contains a list of ports that are used by Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) and Storage Foundation HA for Windows (SFW-HA).

Table 2 — Ports that are used by SFW and SFW-HA
Port # Protocol Description
4888 TCP Veritas Scheduler Service (SFW 5.1 and above)
1556 TCP UDP Private Branch Exchange (SFW 5.0 and above)
2148 / 3207 TCP UDP Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) Server (vxsvc.exe)
2821*TCP UDP Veritas Security Services (VxSS)
3207 TCP UDP VEA (vxsvc.exe)
4145 UDP VCS heartbearts
7419 TCP Used by many Symantec wizards
14151 / 8181 / 8443 TCP UDP VRTS Web Administration (vrtsweb.exe)
8199 TCP Volume Replicator Administrative Service (VRAS)
5634 HTTP HTTPS Veritas Storage Foundation Messaging Service (xprtld.exe)
8989 TCP vxrserver (vxrsyncd)
14141 TCP VCS Engine (had.exe)
14144 TCP UDP VCS Notification
14145 TCP UDP Global VCS Cluster Manager (VCS 2.x and earlier)
14150 TCP UDP VCS Command Server - use override environment variable VCS_CMDSERVER_PORT_ENV to change from default port used
14153 TCP UDP VCS Cluster Simulator
14155 TCP VCS Global Cluster Option (SFW-HA 4.1 and later)
14300 TCP UDP VRTSWeb Admin
15550 - 15558 TCP UDP VCS Cluster Simulator
49152 - 65535 TCP UDP Volume Replicator Packets, VCS Cluster heartbeat
14145 / 14994 / 14443 TCP UDP Veritas Cluster Server Management Console Web Server

Port Conflicts

In some cases, another process or application will attempt to use a port that is already being used by SFW. This may cause the application, or SFW to function incorrectly. Some customers have successfully managed port conflicts by following the steps found in the following Microsoft article: