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NetWorker License Overview

The aim of this document is to shed some light on the types of licenses (enabler codes) available within Legato NetWorker.

NetWorker 9.0 Licensing changes

NetWorker 9.0 introduces the EMC Licensing Solution, which uses a license file on the License server and the NetWorker host

What is the NetWorker hostid?

NetWorker uses hostid for authorization code. hosted depends on the IP address of the computer used.

NetWorker License Conformance Report

The license conformance summary is a new feature in NetWorker Management Console that simply reports the current NetWorker licensing inventory.

Deleting NetWorker base enablers

Until recently deleting a NetWorker base enabler was possible but it was neither user-friendly nor easy. Here I share a fully supported option.

Resolving OST backup failures

This article lists steps on how to resolve data domain connection failures with OST allowing storage partners to deliver backup and recovery solutions

How to allocate NetWorker licenses to another client

NetWorker allocates licenses to hosts as needed. However they are not removed from clients when decommissioned or removed from an active group.

NetWorker License Usage

All NetWorker licensing is verified at the time of the backup. If you only need to restore, no license is needed.

NetWorker Enabler Code vs Authorization Code

A Legato NetWorker enabler code is a unique code that activates the Legato NetWorker software, also called an license enabler or enabler key.

Listing NetWorker licenses with nsrlic

The nsrlic utility generates reports about all the license information currently active on the Legato NetWorker server.

What is the NSR license resource

The NSR license resource describes each NetWorker software feature that you entered an enabler code for, and authorisation codes once entered

Using nsrcap to install NetWorker license keys

You can use the nsrcap utility to enter the enabler code for a new feature, or to upgrade and downgrade Legato NetWorker software features.

Data Domain license options

This article simple ist the license optinos avilable for the EMC Data Domain product.

Data Domain Licensing Overview

Included with the data domain appliance are CIFS, NFS, global compression, local compression, MTrees, Snapshots and Fastcopy support

NetWorker Licensing overview

The traditional model is to have an enabler for every feature and module, which is beneficial in that you only need to purchase what you us