Listing NetWorker licenses with nsrlic

The nsrlic utility generates reports about all the license information currently active on the Legato NetWorker server. This command queries the NetWorker resource database, and formats and displays the results to standard output. You do not need to be root to invoke nsrlic.

If you enter nsrlic at the shell prompt without optional flags, you receive a report, similar to the following example, for the server that you invoked the command from:

                     Available: 10
                          Used: 0
          Borrowed from Server: 0
                     Remaining: 10
             Connected Clients: ;
               Defined Clients: ;
                     Available: 0
                          Used: 0
                     Remaining: 0
             Connected Clients: ;
               Defined Clients: ;
                           AIX: 0
                            HP: 0
                       Solaris: 0
                         SunOS: 0
             Windows NT Server: 0
                       NetWare: 0
                           DOS: 0
                     Macintosh: 0
                          OS/2: 0
                  Windows 3.1x: 0
                    Windows 95: 0
        Windows NT Workstation: 0
                        Others: 4

The following example describes the format and options available for the nsrlic program:

# nsrlic -vi -s server

Use the -i option to use nsrlic in the interactive mode. In this mode, you can request different reports, refresh the information, or switch to a different server. The interactive mode provides a prompt and displays the choices available:

connecting to schlumpf...
Available commands are:
   summary - display a summary report of licenses
   detail - display a detailed report of licenses
   connect [server name] - connect to server
   help - list command helps.
   quit - quit out of nsrlic command.

The information is requested once and cached until you issue another connect command at the nsrlic prompt.

  • Use the -s server option to select a specific NetWorker server to query. If you omit this option, the server from which you invoked the nsrlic program is queried.
  • Use the -v option to generate a more detailed, verbose report. In addition to the number of licenses or the number of clients, a list of connected and defined clients is gathered and displayed.