NetWorker License Usage

All NetWorker licensing is verified at the time of the backup. If you only need to restore, no license is needed. For the first 30 days NetWorker is a full-fledged free version and no license is required. After 30 days a license is required.

To view license usage:

  • via the NetWorker Management Console
    1. under the Configuration tab, look on the left edge for Registrations.
    2. You can right-click on Registrations and open License Conformance Summary to get information about your current license usage.
  • via command line

    Run this command on your NetWorker Server and get information about your current license usage:

    # nsrlic -vvv

If you ever need to supply license details to EMC then run the following commands on the server and create a text file to be sent to EMC if needed:

echo print type: nsr license | nsradmin -i - > license.txt
nsrlic -vvv > nsrlicense.txt