NetWorker 9.0 Licensing changes

NetWorker 9.0 introduces the EMC Licensing Solution, which uses a license file on the License server and the NetWorker host to determine which products you purchased a license for, and how much storage space to request for each datazone in the environment.

NetWorker releases previous to NetWorker 9.0

You could use either the traditional licensing model or the capacity licensing model to permanently license the NetWorker software, but only one method per NetWorker server or datazone.

With traditional licensing, you could use features of products once you purchased a base enabler.

With capacity licensing, you could deploy unlimited quantities of the NetWorker options and modules to protect, up to the amount of licensed capacity you purchased.

NetWorker 9.0

The EMC Licensing Solution introduced in NetWorker 9.0 stores the licenses for all installed EMC products in one file. This file must reside on a platform that is accessible to NetWorker and runs the EMC License Server. The EMC License Server must be installed after the NetWorker software installation.

The license file contains two types of licenses — a single capacity license, which enables all data zones in an installation, and an update license, if updating from a previous NetWorker release.

For new installations of NetWorker 9.0, you can only use the EMC Licensing Solution. When you upgrade from a NetWorker 8.2.x or earlier release, you can continue to use the traditional or capacity model, or use the EMC Licensing Solution. If you previously used the capacity model, any unused storage is added to the capacity purchased for use of the EMC Licensing Solution.

Activating the EMC Licensing Solution

The following section provides an overview of the required steps to activate the EMC Licensing Solution in NetWorker 9.0, as outlined in more detail in the EMC NetWorker Licensing Guide and the EMC License Server Installation and Administration Guide.

Before you begin

Download the License Server packages from the same location you downloaded the NetWorker software. Also, ensure that you obtain the license file from EMC Licensing.


  1. Install the Windows or Linux 64-bit License Server package. You can install the License Server in the same location as the NetWorker server.
    • On Linux, the package is emclicenseserver-3.4.1-2.x86_64_lsb.rpm
    • On Windows, the package is EMC_LicenseServer_3.4.0_x64 installer.msi
  2. Obtain the license file from EMC Licensing. You can obtain the file once you provide EMC Licensing with the License Server host/IP information and the port to use for communication between NetWorker and the License Server, if you cannot use the default port 27000. EMC requires this information to create the license file.
  3. Create a directory in the location you installed the License Server, and copy the license file to this directory. Do not rename the license file. For example, on the License Server, create the following directories:
    • /opt/emc/licenses on Linux
    • C:\Program Files\EMC License Server\elms\licenses on Windows

      Note On Linux, you may be required to complete this step before installing the License Server package.

    • On the NetWorker server, copy the license file to the \nsr\lic directory on Windows, or the /nsr/lic directory on Linux.
    • Complete the configuration of the License Server and then start the License Server by using LMTOOLS (Windows) or the command line interface lmgrd (Linux). On Windows, an icon for LMTOOLS appears on the desktop after the License Server installation.


You can now use the EMC Licensing Solution in your EMC NetWorker environment.