DB2 backups fail with SQL2025N under NetWorker

I've seen recently a number of DB2 backup failures when a client is configured to backup to a storage node, however, file system backups are successful as they use agent-assisted features when direct backups cannot be established.

However, DB2 backups will fail if the NetWorker client fails to ping all the storage nodes configured in the Storage Node field of the client resource.

A typical error message:-

“Error message: Unable to backup SMURFDB database due to backup request failure, SQLCODE : -2025, SQL2025N An I/O error occurred. Error code: "1027". Media on which this error occurred:'VENDOR'.”

To resolve this issue make sure that the NetWorker client connectivity is OK to/from the storage nodes.

Other SQL2025N Errors

SQL2025N an I/O error “3” occurred on media “VENDOR”

The following causes are all possible failures with the above error under DB2 module for NetWorker:

The client is not registered on the NetWorker server to which the NMDB2 software is backing up. Create a valid client on the NetWorker server. Test to make sure the connection between the client and server is valid:
save -s servername/testfile
The NSR_CLIENT parameter is set to an invalid client name while running a backup. Set the NSR_CLIENT environment variable to the name of the client from which the backup is running.
The vendor configuration file parameter NSR_DATA_VOLUME_POOL is set to a pool name that does not exist, while trying to run a backup.
  • Create a pool to the same name that the NSR_DATA_VOLUME_POOL is set.
  • Change the value of NSR_DATA_VOLUME_POOL to a valid pool.
There is no NMDB2 client license on the server. A separate client license is required for each client. Obtain a valid NMDB2 client license.