How to allocate NetWorker licenses to another client

NetWorker allocates licenses to hosts as needed when backup jobs run. However licenses are not removed from clients when they are decommissioned or removed from an active group on a regular basis.

The aim of this post is to provide you with the necessary steps to perform this task manually.

  1. Note down the enabler code in question, recording both the enabler samp and authorisation samp,
  2. Run a nsrlic —vvv report. (this will show the current license allocation),
  3. Delete the enabler code from NetWorker's registration configuration using nsradmin or NMC,
  4. Shutdown NetWorker's services/processes, (review this post for NetWorker shutdown commands by OS)
  5. Delete the nsr/tmp folder contents, (/nsr/tmp under UNIX/Linux, %INSTALL_PATH%\nsr\tmp under Windows)
  6. Start NetWorker services/processes,
  7. Re-add the removed enabler code, and authorise this,
  8. Run a nsrlic —vvv report, you will now notice that the license is available for another client to obtain.

If you have your licenses in Legato License Manager, then these are leased to a NetWorker server on a 45 day basis and are eligible for another client once this term expires. You can use the procedure in my other post to force LLM to update it's license cache.