Resolving OST backup failures

This article lists steps on how to resolve data domain connection failures when using OST. OST allows storage partners to deliver backup and recovery solutions with tighter integration with NetBackup.

As a STEP member, OST has access to the data domain system via the OpenStorage API which can be installed on the media server to make the connectivity between DD and NBU.


Using the following steps, it may be possible to isolate the cause of the issue and identify the solution. NOTE: Perform the steps in order -- Do not skip a step.

  1. Verify the OST License is installed. The OST license enables OST on the Data Domain system, in addition to NetBackup Media Server and OPTdup backups. For OPTdup, a license is required on the destination Data Domain system
  2. Verify the OST is enabled. OST needs to be enabled after the license is installed.
  3. Verify the OST plug-in is configured. Ensure OST plug-in is installed on the NetBackup Media Server.
  4. Verify the username and password are correct. An incorrect username or password can cause backups and OPTdup to fail.
  5. Verify the client is listed in the access list on the Data Domain system. Configure the access list to allow the NetBackup media server to connect to the Data Domain system.
  6. Verify the file system is enabled. If the file system is not enabled, backup jobs fail.
  7. Verify the Data Domain system network connectivity. Loss of network connectivity can cause OST jobs to fail.
  8. Verify the network is persistent and not intermittent. Intermittent network connectivity can cause jobs to time out and eventually fail.
  9. Verify DNS entries and settings are correct on the server and on the device. DNS needs to be configured for both server and Data Domain system to properly resolves host names.
  10. Verify the host name is configured correctly. If host name is incorrect, or does not resolve, OST cannot function correctly.
  11. Verify the firewall is configured properly. Firewall changes can affect connectivity to the Data Domain system.
  12. Verify all the routing interfaces are functioning. Routing problems (especially with multiple interfaces) can prevent OST from working properly.
  13. Verify CPU processors are not 100% utilized. A busy processor is too busy, can cause the OST to not function properly.
  14. Verify the Data Domain system is not at capacity. If the Data Domain system is at capacity (replica full) OST backup jobs fail.

NOTE: If your problem persists after completing the above steps you are recommended to log a support case against the data domain system (remember to gather autosupport).