NetWorker server disabled after "copy violation" error

If you have installed Legato NetWorker on more than one server or moved a NetWorker server to another machine and used the same enabler codes on them all, you will receive messages similar to the following in your savegroup completion emails.

--- Unsuccessful Save Sets ---
* schlumpf:/var save: error, copy violation - servers `schlumpf' and `church1e'
have the same software enabler code, `a1b2c3-d4e5f6-g7h8i9' (13)
* schlumpf:/var save: cannot start a save for /var with NSR server `schlumpf'
* schlumpf:index save: cannot start a save for /nsr/index/schlumpf with NSR
server `schlumpf'
* schlumpf:index save: cannot start a save for bootstrap with NSR server
* schlumpf:index save: bootstrap save of server's index and volume
databases failed

As such, as soon as Legato NetWorker detects that the same enabler codes are used on more than one server, NetWorker disables the servers.

This issue will affect all NetWorker enabler codes with the exception of the update enabler.

NOTE: This can also occur if you have moved the NetWorker server and started the services on the new system without stopping NetWorker daemons on the old system.

In order to be able to successfully rerun backups, you must:

  • Remove the conflicting enabler codes from all the servers where they are no longer needed, then restart the nsrd process on the correct NetWorker server.
  • Issue the nsr_shutdown command on each of the NetWorker servers, then remove the NetWorker software from the extra servers, and then restart the NetWorker daemons on the server where you want the backups to continue.


To complete a backup, you must kill the NetWorker daemons on all servers affected. De-install NetWorker from the extra server(s), and then restart the NetWorker daemons on one server.

For this example, we will use schlumpfas the new server and church1e as offending older server:

  1. Kill the backup daemons -- Log into each of the NetWorker servers as root and enter the nsr_shutdown command on all servers:
    church1e# nsr_shutdown
    schlumpf# nsr_shutdown
  2. De-install NetWorker on the servers that you will not be using as a backup server:
    church1e# pkgrm SUNWsbus1 SUNWsbuc
    church1e# pkgrm LGTOserv LGTOclnt
  3. Restart NetWorker daemons on the new server:
    schlumpf# /etc/rc2.d/S95networker start