Data Domain license options

Licensed options for Data Domain include:

  1. DD Boost - software client to distribute deduplication
    1. DSP - distributed segment processing takes the initial creation of fingerprint to the client, which then requests the vector summary from the DD appliance and sends the changed data. It's the same process with different location for the initial creation and verification
    2. Managed File replication - allows the application to determine that there is a replicated, deduplicated file elsewhere
    3. Creates its own storage unit in /col1/
    4. Advanced Load Balancing and link failure transparently fails backup off failed NIC to the remaining NICs in the system
  2. VTL - Virtual Tape Library
    1. DD OS 5.0 or newer only
    2. NAS backup through NDMP tape servers, which is NDMP over Ethernet
    3. IBMi - addon for VTL to accommodate IBM iSeries systems version 5.4, 6.1 and 6.1.1
  3. DD Replicator - asynchronous IP replication
    1. Encrypted replication uses SSL, AES 256 for software encryption of data in transit
    2. Encryption of data at rest is also software based and done after data is written, so a slight performance hit is taken
    3. Encrypts data in-line, so there is never unencrypted data on the system
    4. Encryption is all contained within the DD system, so it is transparent to systems connecting to the DD
    5. RSA DPM is also supported for key rotation as of DD OS 5.2
  4. DD Retention Lock
    1. Files can not be deleted until the retention period expires
    2. Includes file shredding
    3. Applied by using a policy with a minimum age of 12 hours and a mazimum age of 5 years
    4. Two options:
      1. Governance - retention lock, shredding
      2. Compliance - higher standard and more configurable, available on all DD except the GDA