Data Domain Licensing Overview

The data domain appliance has lots of different license options, even though many features require no license addition. Included with the data domain appliance are CIFS, NFS, global compression, local compression, MTrees, Snapshots and Fastcopy support. Additionally to this, data domain has a number of additional options that are licensed separately.

Licensed Options

The following options are licensed additionally to that of the data domain applicense license

  • DD Boost
  • Replication - unlocks the DD Replicator feature
  • Retention Lock Governance - prevents modification or deletion of data specified by policy
  • Retention Lock Compliance - strictest form of modification protection, adheres to standards such as SEC17a-4
  • VTL
  • Encryption of Data at Rest
  • Expansion Storage - to expand drives within certain models
    • DD510/DD530 - increase from a 9-disk shelf to 15-disks
    • DD610/DD630 - increase from 7-disk shelf to 12-disks
  • Shelf Capacity - to add an ES20/ES30
  • Gateway Expanded Storage Level 2 - extends a gateway system to 71 TB
  • Gateway Expanded Storage Level 3 - extends a gateway system to 145 TB
  • DD Extended Retention - for DD860/DD990
  • Global Deduplication
  • Nearline

How to obtain license information

To get license information, use

license show


license show local

which gives local node license info on a GDA. You can also use

license reset

to reset licenses on non-GDA nodes.

Shelf Capacity Licenses

Shelf Capacity Licenses are required after DDOS 5.1 for all ES30 shelves, and for all ES20 shelves purchased after 10/24/2011. Keys are automatically installed on new installations, and 1 key is installed per shelf. There are 8 license types:

  • ES20 1TB/2TB, active or archive
  • ES30 1TB/2TB, active or archive

All shelves require an active license, and archive shelves also require an archive license.