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Resolving NSR peer information errors

You may also see the error after the NetWorker client upgraded with the same host name which created a duplicate NSR peer information for the client.

Changes to NetWorker Log Files

A number of changes have been made to log files in NetWorker release 7.4 to better accomodate internationalised message logging.

NetWorker Management Console debug settings

irst set the debug level to display output for analysis. This can be done at the command line level or from within the GUI.

NetWorker lockbox password management

NetWorker 7.5 provides a lockbox service that allows NetWorker application modules to securely store and retrieve passwords over the network.

Overwriting EDM tapes with NetWorker

Unfortunately, this feature has been implemented in such a away that will prevent you from overwriting EDM media with a NetWorker label in general.

Changing a NetWorker device mode to Service

With the new NetWorker Managemenet Console (NMC) under 7.3 you can only toggle a device as enables or disabled, service mode is no longer available.

Dumping all resources into a single file

It's not uncommon to perform this task. In fact NetWorker does it everytime you run the NetWorker support nsr_support/nsrsup commands.

nsrwatch now supported on Windows platforms

The main advantage of using nsrwatch over NMC, is that NMC operations are usually delayed, whereas nsrwatch displays operations in near realtime.

What is the NetWorker rap.log

The RAP option tracks the history of additions, deletions, and modifications to a NetWorker resource or resource attribute.

How to obtain NetWorker license keys

This article generates a simple text file with the current active and previosly installed license keys for completeness.

Disable Idle Device Timeout under NMC

To prevent devices from being unloaded from the drives while scanner is in use, you must temporarily disable the Idle Device Timeout attribute.

What is the NSR license resource

The NSR license resource describes each NetWorker software feature that you entered an enabler code for, and authorisation codes once entered

A Quick Tour of EMC NetWorker Management Console

This video provides a quick tour of the EMC NetWorker Management Console which highlights options and features for central management.

EMC NetWorker FastStart Demo

NetWorker Fast Start is a solution for backup and recovery, designed to simplify licensing, installation, and configuration.

NetWorker Overview

NetWorker is a product that integrates with a large number of backup storage systems and clients, with plugins for a large number of applications.

NetWorker Licensing overview

The traditional model is to have an enabler for every feature and module, which is beneficial in that you only need to purchase what you us

Rendering NetWorker logs in realtime

To setup realtime log rendering, you need to run nsradmin against the client daemon (either on the NetWorker server or another machine).

Changing OLDAUTH setting on a NetWorker client

Use this procedure to switch from nsrauth to oldauth authentication on the backup server for the client exhibiting the problem.