NetWorker Overview

Legato's NetWorker is their flagship backup application. It is software that integrates with a large number of backup storage systems and clients, and has plug-ins for a large number of applications.

A Data Zone is comprised of a NetWorker Server (which contains a server node and a backup client), one or more storage nodes which can be on the Server node or separated. The storage node writes data to media nad reads from media during restore. The clients then generate backup data and tracking information regarding what data is located where.

Control Data is sent along with backup data. It is kept in the following locations:

Location Description Comment
/nsr/index Client File Index (CFI) is where clients send tracking info regarding which data is stored on which node and which save set.
/nsr/mm Media Database lists all media available to the NetWorker server and clients, as well as info on all save sets.
/nsr/res Resource Files include the nsrdb, which is a bunch of text files (not an actual database) of clients, devices, etc. nsrladb is the drictory that holds resource info for RPC ports available for use, and jobsdb holds statistics and information on backup jobs.
On Microsoft Windows servers these are location under <drive>:\Program Files\Legato\nsr

The NMC, or NetWorker Management Console is a java application that can configure and manage multiple NetWorker Servers and Data Zones. It requires NetWorker 7.3 or newer.

Core NetWorker Daemons:

NW Client:

  • nsrexecd listens for backup requests, authorizes and determines which RPC ports to use
  • nsrfsra is the utility for browsing the client filesystem

Storage Node:

  • nsrsnmd - listens for RPC commands and spawns processes
  • nsrmmd - PRIMARY PROCESS which receives data from teh client and writes to storage, also send tracking data to server. Can run multiple processes at one time for multiple backup jobs
  • nsrlcpd - resources to control libraries

Server Node:

  • nsrd - PRIMARY PROCESS, starts schedule, starts jobs, manages resource database
  • nsrindexd - client talks to this process to write data
  • nsrmmdbd - talks to the database
  • nsrjobd - coordinates scheduled jobs, manages the resulting info
  • nsrmmgd - handles library operations

Console Server:

  • httpd - web server
  • gstd - PRIMARY PROCESS, runs the GUI and talks to the server process
  • dbsrv12 - manages the database and gathers data


  • nsrd on the NetWorker server starts backup on the client
    • nsrd->nsrjobd->nsrexecd->save
  • save command on client figures out where to put data
    • save->nsrjobd->nsrd
  • Storage node is matched to a job and storage media is mounted
    • nsrd->nsrmmd->nsrd
  • Server tells the client where to send data
    • nsrd->nsrjobd->nsrexecd->save
  • Client sends data and tracking info simultaneously
    • save->nsrindexd and save->nsrmmd
  • Storage node sends tracking info the its media database
    • nsrmmd->nsrmmdbd