What is the NetWorker rap.log

NetWorker has a log file called rap.log located in the /nsr/logs folder on the backup server.

Man page

From the man page:

The Monitor RAP (Resource Allocation Protocol) option tracks the history of additions, deletions, or modifications to a NetWorker resource or resource attribute. These changes are recorded in the rap.log file located in the NetWorker_install_path\logs directory. The rap.log file lists the user name, the source computer, and the time of the modification. Sufficient information is logged in the rap.log file to enable an administrator to undo any changes.

So in a nutshell, this file is used to track changes made to the NetWorker server configuration.


The example below shows when a client was removed from the SAPDAILY group, with details of the user who performed this function.

24/11/2008 10:26:59 a.m. MONITOR_RAP: ops@smurf.uk.sun.com CHANGED 'NSR client' resource, alpha09:
                       group: SAPDAILY, SAPWEEKLY;
                       group: SAPWEEKLY;

In an ideal world I would recommend creating user/group accounts for each support engineer that logs into NMC (NetWorker Management Console). That way you can easily identify who made the change.