Potential causes for NetWorker client alias problems

If you encounter any of the following situations, a client alias problem might be the cause.

You receive the following error messages:

  • "No client resource for..."
  • "Client xxx cannot back up client yyy files."
  • A client machine always performs full backups, regardless of the level of the scheduled backup.
  • It appears that automatic index management according to the browse and retention policies does not occur. This is indicated by the filesystem containing the indexes continuously increasing in size.
  • In /nsr/index, the directory that contains the indexes, there are two directories for the same client using two different client names.

A client alias change is needed for the following situations:

  • Machines that have two or more network interfaces
  • Sites that mix short and "fully qualified" hostnames for the same machines; for example, schlumpf and schlumpf.dyndns.org.uk
  • Sites using both YP (NIS) and DNS

Use the Legato NetWorker administration program (nwadmin) or nsradmin to edit the client resource for clients with this problem. Add all network names for this host to the Aliases attribute.

Caution: Do not put aliases that are shared by other hosts on this line.