Changes to NetWorker Log Files

A number of changes have been made to log files under NetWorker release 7.4 to better accommodate internationalised message logging.

New log file viewer

Log files must be viewed using the nsr_render_log (Solaris) or the nsr_render_log.exe (Windows) program. The nsr_render_log progam is non-interactive command line program which renders internationalised NetWorker log files into the desired language that the user wishes to view the log in. The default language is based on the user's current locale. Users in different geographical locations can simultaneously render the same log file. For more information on the nsr_render_log program, see the man pages.

The new log file viewer should not be used to view log files from clients previous to release 7.4. These files should continue to be viewed using a regular text editor.

log file naming convention

Log files in NetWorker 7.4 are now named with a .raw extension (for example, daemon.raw). This indicates that the log file has not rendered into a language specific version and must be viewed using the nsr_render_log program. Not all of the entries in the daemon.raw file will be viewable without using the render command to remove the message IDs.

Existing log messages and files shall not be overwritten, unless they are a temporary file based on a single operation.

Ofuscation can be performed on the output, the following will not appear in the log file:

  • usernames
  • hostnames
  • IP addresses

This may be of particular interest to users who may not want to share this information for confidentiality reasons.

NOTE: The messaging enhancements are not available for the Mac OS, Tru64 UNIX or SGI platforms.