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Changing a NetWorker device mode to Service

With the new NetWorker Managemenet Console (NMC) under 7.3 you can only toggle a device as enables or disabled, service mode is no longer available.

Disable Idle Device Timeout under NMC

To prevent devices from being unloaded from the drives while scanner is in use, you must temporarily disable the Idle Device Timeout attribute.

NetWorker License Usage

All NetWorker licensing is verified at the time of the backup. If you only need to restore, no license is needed.

Resetting default username and password for NMC

The following procedures given details on resetting the NMC Administrator password to the default value on Solaris, Linux and Windows systems.

A Quick Tour of EMC NetWorker Management Console

This video provides a quick tour of the EMC NetWorker Management Console which highlights options and features for central management.

Setting up a NetWorker Dedicated Storage Node

With the introduction of Legato NetWorker 7.0 a dedicated storage node can back up only its own local data and a DSN license is required.

Backing up the NetWorker GST database

This post provides the basic steps needed to perform a backup of the GST Database for the NetWorker Management Console (NMC) server.