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Changes to NetWorker and Avamar integration

Beginning with NetWorker 9.0, Avamar integration support is deprecated for new clients. However, older integrations continue to be supported.

NetWorker 9.0 Avamar integration changes

Beginning with NetWorker version 9.0, support for EMC Avamar integration is deprecated for new clients.

Changing Avamar Passwords

Changing only the passwords for the operating system users does not sufficiently prevent someone from logging in to Avamar server nodes.

DD Boost with EMC Avamar

Backup data is sent directly from the client to the Data Domain system using DDBoost technology to provide faster backup and recovery.

NetWorker and Avamar Integration Overview

This new storage node is used for dedupe operations and leverages Avamar data de-duplication technology

Avamar shutdown procedure

This post provides a quick guide to the steps needed to shutdown an Avamar system.

Avamar 7.1 Service Pack 1 Refresh

EMC today released of Avamar 7.1 SP1. This refresh is a maintenance release with critical fixes for previously reported issues

Avamar Integration with Data Domain

Benefits of integrating an Avamar system with Data Domain on the backend would be a flexible architecture and lots of plugins for applications

Creating Avamar backup schedules from CLI

Creating an avamar schedule for your backup policies is a must for any systems administrator. This post shows you how to step-by-step.

Viewing and acknowledging Avamar events via CLI

Avamar events can be quite tedious to acknowledge when you have a large number appearing in the GUI. This one-liner tip will acnowledge all events.

How to retrieve Avamar serial numbers

The methods listed in this article are for obtaining the serial numbers from Avamar DataStore Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4 hardware

How to retrieve an Avamar system id

To retrieve an Avamar system id, you must login as either the root user or admin on your Avamar utility node, and execute the mccli command

Avamar System default passwords

This article provides a list of default passwords for an Avamar grid. If you have not already, consider changing the defaults for security reasons.

Killing multiple Avamar backup sessions

Ever needed to kill a bunch of backup sessions on your Avamar system? simply follow these instructions