Changing the time and NTP settings on an Avamar system

Use the following steps to quickly change the time and ntp settings. No reboot or halt of the Avamar system is needed..

  1. Login as DPN
    # su — dpn
  2. Load the dpn OpenSSH key by entering:
    # ssh-agent bash
    # ssh-add ~/.ssh/dpnid
    # export SYSPROBEUSER=root
  3. Then run the asktime command and answer the on-screen question:
    # asktime
  4. Double check all nodes have an * by the same time server:
    # mapall -noerror '/usr/sbin/ntpq -pm'
  5. Use mapall again to see the current date and time on all the Avamar nodes:
    # mapall --all --parallel date
    NOTE: All nodes need to be in sync within 2 seconds.