Restarting the Avamar Management Console Server (MCS)

The Avamar MCS (Management Console Server) provides centralized management including scheduling of backups, restore of backups, monitoring and reporting. When you start the Avamar Administrator GUI you are interacting with the MCS.

Avamar Management Console

Use the following steps to stop and restart the MCS

  1. Using a putty or ssh session, and log in using one of the following methods:
    • To log in to a single-node server, log in to the server as admin
    • To log into a multi-node server:
      1. Log in the utility node as admin, and then load the admin OpenSSH key by typing:
        % ssh-agent bash
        % ssh-add ~admin/.ssh/admin_key
      2. When prompted, type the admin_key passphrase and press enter.
    • Use the following command to stop the MCS
      % dpnctl stop mcs
    • Use the following command to start the MCS
      % dpnctl start mcs
    • Use the following command to view the status of each MCS
      % dpnctl status mcs
    • Use the following command to start the backup scheduler once the MCS is up and running
      % dpnctl start sched