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Performing a ZFSSA factory reset

A factory reset of ZFSSA will reset the appliance configuration back to factory settings of the current software version, and reboot the appliance

How to Shutdown ZFSSA from CLI

Shutdown a ZFS Storage Appliance (or one node of the appliance) from CLI without typing 'Y' to the confirmation.

How to Identify the ZFSSA Serial Number

The goal of this document is intended to help identify the correct serial number associated with a ZFS Storage Appliance.

Installing the ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator

This post is a quick start guide to getting the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator up and running on your desktop

Locating a ZFSSA failed component

A simple how-to article providing the steps necessary to locate a failed compaonent of a ZFS Storage Appliance using both the BUI and CLI

Getting the ZFSSA Audit Logs via scripts

The audit log on the ZFS Storage Appliance records user activity events, including login and logout to the BUI and CLI, and administrative actions.

Extracting ZFSSA log files

A simple method of extract the log files from a ZFS storage Appliance to browse at leisure

Renaming a ZFSSA nodename

A step-by-step instructions to change the nodename of a ZFS storage appliance

Mounting an SMB/CIFS share on Solaris 11

This article will document how to mount a Windows CIFS file share onto the local file system on the Solaris 11 server.