Locating a ZFSSA failed component

A simple how-to article providing the steps necessary to locate a failed component on a ZFS Storage Appliance using both the BUI and CLI


  1. Go to the Maintenance > Hardware screen.
  2. Click the right-arrow icon right arrow on the Storage System or Disk Shelf which has the fault icon.
  3. Locate the fault icon in the lists of hardware components, and click it.
  4. The image should be updated to show where that component is physically located.
  5. Optionally, click the locate icon locate/blink for that component, if the component has it. The LED on the component will begin to flash.


To turn on the locate LED using the cli, run the following commands

  1. Go to the maintenance hardware context
    zfssa1:> maintenance hardware
  2. List the appliance components
    zfssa1:maintenance hardware> list
                NAME       STATE   MODEL             SERIAL
    chassis-000 hostname   ok      Sun Storage 7320  unknown
    chassis-001 000000000C faulted J4410             000000000C
  3. Select the chassis and list its components:
    zfssa1:maintenance hardware> select chassis-001
  4. Select the component type and show all available disks:
    zfssa1:maintenance chassis-001> select disk
    zfssa1:maintenance chassis-001 disk> show
    LABEL             STATE      MANUFACTURER  MODEL           SERIAL
    disk-000  HDD 0   ok         ST3500630NS   ST3500630NS     9QG1ACNJ
    disk-001  HDD 1   faulted    ST3500630NS   ST3500630NS     9QG1A77R
    disk-002  HDD 2   ok         ST3500630NS   ST3500630NS     9QG1AC3Z
    disk-003  HDD 3   ok         ST3500630NS   ST3500630NS     9QG1ACKW
    disk-004  HDD 4   ok         ST3500630NS   ST3500630NS     9QG1ACKF
    disk-005  HDD 5   ok         ST3500630NS   ST3500630NS     9QG1ACPM
  5. Select the faulted disk and turn on the locate LED:
    zfssa1:maintenance chassis-001 disk> select disk-001
    zfssa1:maintenance chassis-001 disk-001> set locate=true
                          locate = true (uncommitted)
    zfssa1:maintenance chassis-001 disk-001> commit