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DD Boost with Symantec Backup Exec

The combination of a Data Domain system and DD Boost for Backup Exec creates an optimized connection to provide a tightly integrated solution

DD Boost with Symantec NetBackup

OpenStorage software gives NetBackup visibility into the properties and capabilities of the Data Domain storage system

DD Boost with Oracle RMAN

DDBoost for RMAN enables database servers to communicate with Data Domain systems in an optimized way improving performance

DD Boost with EMC Avamar

Backup data is sent directly from the client to the Data Domain system using DDBoost technology to provide faster backup and recovery.

DD Boost with EMC NetWorker

Data Domain Boost software provides integration between Data Domain storage systems and NetWorker software.

DD Boost over Fibre Channel

This post provides the steps needed to configure DD Boost over Fibre Channel via the System Manager and/or via command line.

NetWorker 8,0 client direct backups

The ability for client backups to bypass the Storage Node and write directly to Data Domain eliminates a bottleneck during backups.

What is Data Domain deduplication?

The basics is that we are eliminating redundant data, storing only one instance of each segment and using pointers to take the place of duplicates.