DD Boost with Oracle RMAN

EMC Data Domain Boost for Recovery Manager enables database servers to communicate with Data Domain systems in an optimized way, without the need to use a backup application, and to improve performance while reducing data transferred over the LAN.

In the context of Oracle RMAN, there are two components to the software:

  • An RMAN plug-in that you install on each database server. This plug-in includes the DD Boost libraries for communicating with the DD Boost service running on the Data Domain system.
  • The DD Boost server that runs on Data Domain systems.

RMAN sets policies that control when backups and replications occur. Administrators manage backup, replication, and restores from a single console and can use all of the features of DD Boost, including WAN-efficient replicator software. RMAN manages all files (collections of data) in the catalog, even those created by the DD system.

The DD system exposes pre-made disk volumes called storage units to a DD Boost-enabled database server. Multiple database servers can use the same storage unit provided they have the DD Boost plug-in installed. Additionally, each database server can run a different operating system provided it is supported by Data Domain.