DD Boost with EMC NetWorker

Data Domain Boost software provides integration between Data Domain storage systems and NetWorker software. It provides NetWorker with visibility into the properties and capabilities of the Data Domain system, control of the backup images stored in the system, and efficient wide area network (WAN) replication to remote Data Domain systems.

DD Boost for NetWorker has two components,

  • The DD Boost library that is integrated into the storage node
  • The DD Boost server that runs on the Data Domain system

The DD Boost library is provided as the NetWorker Data Domain Device Type and provides the following key enhancements for disk-based data protection strategies:

  • Simplifies device setup and configuration by using wizards
  • Increases aggregate backup throughput
  • Provides NetWorker clone-controlled replication — Backup cloning available using EMC Data Domain Replicator, which provides network-efficient replication that is controlled, monitored, and cataloged by the NetWorker software
  • Integrates NetWorker Advanced reporting of the Data Domain systems
  • Provides recovery of replicated backup images in their entirety or at a granular level via the NetWorker user interface
  • Tape Consolidation — Using the NetWorker clone-controlled replication functionality, backup images can be moved to a centralized location where they can be cloned to tape