DD Boost with Symantec Backup Exec

Prior to DD Boost, Backup Exec media servers would send all data to a Data Domain system for deduplication processing. With the distributed segment processing feature of DD Boost, parts of the deduplication process are distributed to the media server, enabling it to send only unique data segments to a Data Domain system. This increases the aggregate throughput and reduces the amount of data transferred over the network.

In addition to performance improvements and network bandwidth benefits, the reduction in data transferred over the network also decreases CPU utilization on the media servers since sending data is significantly more CPU intensive than the distributed deduplication process.

The combination of a Data Domain system and DD Boost for Backup Exec creates an optimized connection to provide a tightly integrated solution. DD Boost for Backup Exec offers operational simplicity by enabling the media server to manage the connection between the backup application and one or more Data Domain systems.