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Reclaiming Data Domain Space

This is a simple article that provides the command-line steps needed to manually reclaim space on a Data Domain system.

Data domain cleaning phases overview

leaning is an important process on a data domain system. It is important because it is used to prevent over writing data.

Data Domain system clock

When using AD mode for CIFS access, the data domain system clock time cannot differ by more than five minutes.

Configuring a CIFS Share

This article describes how to create a CIFS share on the data domain system and how to troubleshoot access to it.

Setting the NOTSCAN flag on a volume in NetWorker

nsrim is unable to remove expired savesets which prevents data domain from performing housekeeping and prevents removing any data from the volumes

What is Data Domain deduplication?

The basics is that we are eliminating redundant data, storing only one instance of each segment and using pointers to take the place of duplicates.

Data Domain license options

This article simple ist the license optinos avilable for the EMC Data Domain product.

Data Domain Licensing Overview

Included with the data domain appliance are CIFS, NFS, global compression, local compression, MTrees, Snapshots and Fastcopy support

Avamar Integration with Data Domain

Benefits of integrating an Avamar system with Data Domain on the backend would be a flexible architecture and lots of plugins for applications

Updated Data Domain documentation links

Yesterday, EMC announced updates to it's Data Domain documentation. Use the links to view the compatibility guides.