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Avamar 7.1 Service Pack 1 Refresh

EMC today released of Avamar 7.1 SP1. This refresh is a maintenance release with critical fixes for previously reported issues

Reclaiming Data Domain Space

This is a simple article that provides the command-line steps needed to manually reclaim space on a Data Domain system.

Creating Avamar backup schedules from CLI

Creating an avamar schedule for your backup policies is a must for any systems administrator. This post shows you how to step-by-step.

Viewing and acknowledging Avamar events via CLI

Avamar events can be quite tedious to acknowledge when you have a large number appearing in the GUI. This one-liner tip will acnowledge all events.

Killing multiple Avamar backup sessions

Ever needed to kill a bunch of backup sessions on your Avamar system? simply follow these instructions