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Performing a ZFSSA factory reset

A factory reset of ZFSSA will reset the appliance configuration back to factory settings of the current software version, and reboot the appliance

How to Shutdown ZFSSA from CLI

Shutdown a ZFS Storage Appliance (or one node of the appliance) from CLI without typing 'Y' to the confirmation.

How to Identify the ZFSSA Serial Number

The goal of this document is intended to help identify the correct serial number associated with a ZFS Storage Appliance.

How to clear Exadata Storage Alerts

The cleaning process of events automatically recorded when a problem occurs can be done automatically and sometimes it is not cleaned automatically.

EMC ECS CLI Command Reference

Managing EMC ECS resources is easy with the command line interface (ecscli). Using the -h flag lists options available for each command.

Gaining root access to VBA via ssh

This post provides the steps necessary to log into a VBA through SSH and load the dpnid key to ensure all the commands are run correctly.

Updated Data Domain documentation links

Yesterday, EMC announced updates to it's Data Domain documentation. Use the links to view the compatibility guides.

Installing the ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator

This post is a quick start guide to getting the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator up and running on your desktop