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Resolving NSR peer information errors

You may also see the error after the NetWorker client upgraded with the same host name which created a duplicate NSR peer information for the client.

Core NetWorker daemons

There are one or more NetWorker daemons to support each of the three NetWorker host functions

Troubleshooting CIFS share backup failures

nsrexecd starts as a service under the SYSTEM account which normally does not have the correct security credentials to access the CIFS share.

NetWorker Overview

NetWorker is a product that integrates with a large number of backup storage systems and clients, with plugins for a large number of applications.

NetWorker in a Firewalled environment

Default service ports for NetWorker are TCP 7937-9936. hey are randomly chosen by the configured port range by EMC portmapper.

Stopping and starting NetWorker from CLI

I find it faster on the command line than using any gui when it comes to stop and start of the NetWorker daemons or services.

Rendering NetWorker logs in realtime

To setup realtime log rendering, you need to run nsradmin against the client daemon (either on the NetWorker server or another machine).

Changing OLDAUTH setting on a NetWorker client

Use this procedure to switch from nsrauth to oldauth authentication on the backup server for the client exhibiting the problem.