What are the daemons running on a NetWorker server

Below is a current list of all the active programs, services, daemons that I've come across that run on a NetWorker server:-

ansrd Monitors an active recover session. It is called by nsrd in response to a recover session.
gstd Known as the Generic Services Toolkit (GST), controls other services provided by the Console server.
hagentd Manages the NetWorker host agent modules and maintains the NetWorker host agent resource database.
jobsd Manages monitoring and other communication between the NetWorker server and the NetWorker console.
nsrd Monitors an active save or recover program session. This is an agent process spawned by nsrd in response to a save or recover session. It (nsrd) is also the master service that controls other services on the NetWorker server, clients, and storage nodes.
nsrck Checks the consistency of the client file index. It is invoked by nsrd whenever the consistency of the client file index needs to be confirmed.
nsrim Automatically manages the server media database. It is invoked by nsrmmdbd when it starts up at the end of the savegrp program. It removes both aborted and expired save sets once every 24 hours after a savegroup is completed (if Volume Recycle is set to Auto). It (nsrim) is also called by nsrd when a user removes the oldest backup cycle.
nsrindexd Provides a method for inserting entries into the client file index that is based on information passed by the save program.
nsrlogd Allows logging of security audit messages from any NetWorker machine.
nsrmmd Provides device support, generates mount requests, and multiplexes save set data during a multi-client backup. It writes the data sent by save to storage media. An additional nsrmmd service is started while mount requests are pending. The nsrd service starts one nsrmmd service for each enabled device. Forwards storage information to nsrmmdbd for recording in the NetWorker server media database.
nsrmmdbd Provides media database management services to the local nsrd and nsrmmd services and records entries in the media database. This is the media management database service.
nsrmmgd Manages media library operations. It provides an RPC-based service that manages all jukebox operations on behalf of the nsrd service. The nsrd service starts one and only one instance of nsrmmgd on the NetWorker server as needed.
nsrlcpd Provides nsrmmgd with a uniform interface to supported libraries. One nsrlcpd service is started by the nsrmmgd service for each virtual library instance. The nsrlcpd services run on the storage node that controls the library that the service manages.
nsrpm Windows OS ONLY service that Works with the energy-saving features of Windows to keep NetWorker components running properly during power-saving modes. If it is not required, it can be disabled.
savegrp Runs a group of NetWorker clients through the save process