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Solaris Run Control Scripts

Run Control (rc) scripts are used to start and stop processes at boot up and shutdown.

Chatting from the Windows Command Prompt

The net send command is used to send messages on a network. Learn more about this command and see several examples.

Automated Security Enhancement Tool (ASET)

ASET allows you to monitor and restrict access to system files. It can be configured for three security levels: low, medium, and high.

Getting the ZFSSA Audit Logs via scripts

The audit log on the ZFS Storage Appliance records user activity events, including login and logout to the BUI and CLI, and administrative actions.

Extracting ZFSSA log files

A simple method of extract the log files from a ZFS storage Appliance to browse at leisure

How to obtain NetWorker license keys

This article generates a simple text file with the current active and previosly installed license keys for completeness.

Solaris Security Toolkit (JASS)

The Solaris Security Toolkit simplifies and automates the process of securing Solaris OS systems and is based on proven security best practices/

Using nsr_ize to install Legato NetWorker

The nsr_ize utility installs or removes Legato NetWorker software and files to or from a server.

How to completely remove a NetWorker client

A word of caution: before you begin removing a client, make sure you have a recent bootstrap backup; If we make any mistakes we can easily recover