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Client Index and Media Database Integrity

To verify the integrity of the NetWorker client file indexes use the nsrck command and to verify media database use nsrim.

GLR compatible backups

Only VSS-based full backups are GLR-compatible. No additional configuration is required for GLR-compatible backups.

What is the NetWorker volume expiration date?

A NetWorker volume expiration date is set by default at two years from the date that the volume was most recently labelled.

Listing files in a NetWorker saveset

At first glance the answer this is not straight forward, but the answer is quite simple; Using two commands mminfo and nsrinfo we get the results.

MMINFO Quick Reference Guide

The mminfo command reports information about NetWorker media and save sets and can produce several different reports depending on the flags specified.

How to completely remove a NetWorker client

A word of caution: before you begin removing a client, make sure you have a recent bootstrap backup; If we make any mistakes we can easily recover