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Troubleshooting NSR tunnel

The NSR tunnel resource enables NetWorker clients and storage nodes to communicate with a NetWorker server over a firewall

Network ports used by Veritas Storage Foundation

If you have configured a firewall, ensure that the firewall settings allow access to the services and ports used by SF and SF-HA

Solaris IP Filtering

IPF provides stateful packet filtering capabilities by IP address, network, port, protocol, network interface and traffic direction.

NetWorker 9.0 Avamar integration changes

Beginning with NetWorker version 9.0, support for EMC Avamar integration is deprecated for new clients.

Configuring a basic firewall under Ubuntu 14.04

This article provides a quick reference to UFW commands that will create iptables firewall rules are useful in common, everyday scenarios.

CloudBoost Firewall Port requirements

The following table provides a list of firewall port requirements for CloudBoost for NetWorker.

NetWorker in a Firewalled environment

Default service ports for NetWorker are TCP 7937-9936. hey are randomly chosen by the configured port range by EMC portmapper.