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Solaris reconfiguration boot

During a reconfiguration restart, a device hierarchy is created in the /devices file system to represent the devices connected to the system.

SAM-QFS Manager Logging

To generate a SAM-QFS Manager troubleshooting report, run the /opt/SUNWfsmgr/bin/fsmgr_report command to create the /var/tmp/fsmgr.overall.log file.

Veritas File System (VxFS) Y2K Info

Y2000 Compliance requires patched version 3.2.5 or later. The patched versions are down-loadable free of charge from the following ftp sites.

Solaris MultiPathing options

Checking if any of the MPxIO, VxDMP or EMC PowerPath multipathing software is installed and active on a given Solaris system.

Solaris proc commands

These commands can be run against a specific process, but most of them can also be run against all processes on the system.

Solaris inittab

The /etc/inittab file plays a crucial role in the boot sequence. For versions of Solaris prior to version 10, the /etc/inittab was edited manually.

Oracle lsnrctl commands

The listener process runs on the database server. It receives client requests and manages the traffic of these requests to the database server.

Scanning for new luns

This is a short article on how to rescan newly added luns in Solaris, Linux, AIX and HP-UX operating systems.

Using the OBDiag Utility

The OBDiag utility is an OpenBoot program designed to help the system administrator run extensive hardware diagnostics on a Sun SPARC system.

sadmind daemon vulnerability

In its default configuration sadmind uses a set of clear text Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to authenticate between two machines.

Oracle background processes

An oracle database is run as an instance. A database server can run multiple instances and each instance is made up of different components.

Resetting Oracle VM 3.x Agent Password

To facilitate the initial discovery of the Hypervisor part of the setup requires that we set the password for the root user and for the ovs-agent.

Troubleshooting Raid Manager (RM6)

A collection of troublshooting tips for the raid manager software for controlling the Sun StorEdge A1000, RSM200, A3x00 storage arrays.

Installing Solaris boot blocks

This post discusses how to install the boot block on a Solaris system running either the older UFS file system or the newer ZFS root file system.

Solaris CLI keyboard shortcuts

A short article providing various keyboard shortcuts for command line edit of any commands quick and easily.

vi Quick Reference Guide

All commands in vi are preceded by pressing the escape key. Each time a different command is to be entered, the escape key needs to be used.

Sun Diskless Workstation Boot Sequence

To boot diskless workstations need to determine who they are, locate their boot server, locate their kernel and mount file systems from the server

Sun EEPROM Security

On Sun workstations and servers you can interact with the boot EEPROM (NVRAM) at any time by holding down the STOP (L1) key and pressing the "a" key

NIS+ Credential Setup

To gain authorisation to change NIS+ databases you need to create your security credentials for the NIS+ principals

Using the truss command on Solaris

The truss command is used to trace system and library calls on a Sun or Sequent system. Which is similar to strace on Linux based systems

Troubleshooting various NFS errors

Identifying and solving a problem is called troubleshooting, which is arguably the most difficult task in any area of computers. NFS is no exception.

Resolving OST backup failures

This article lists steps on how to resolve data domain connection failures with OST allowing storage partners to deliver backup and recovery solutions

What is the NetWorker rap.log

The RAP option tracks the history of additions, deletions, and modifications to a NetWorker resource or resource attribute.

Solaris System log (syslogd) overview

Efficient event log syslog analysis reduces system downtime, increases network performance, and helps tighten security policies in the enterprise.

CloudBoost Dashboard Overview

You can monitor the health of the systems and obtain basic statistics such as the amount of de-duplicated data, number of users, etc.

NetWorker Environment Tuning

To obtain maximum efficiency and system utilization, there are parameters that can be adjusted to tune the NetWorker environmen

Solaris service management facility

Under Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris the SMF has been upgraded. There are great new tools to handle the sysadmin work on the services.

ZFS Dataset Size

A simple entry on how to discover or set the size for a given ZFS dataset as occasionaly we need to increase the size of a ZFS dataset.