A collection of system administration hints and tips, tricks and articles for the Solaris operating system in all its variants.

Resetting Oracle VM 3.x Agent Password

posted on 21st Sep, 2016

To facilitate the initial discovery of the Hypervisor part of the setup requires that we set the password for the root user and for the ovs-agent.

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Resetting Solaris LDOM to factory default

posted on 8th Apr, 2016

If you remove the LDOM before restoring the factory default configuration, you can restore the factory default configuration from the service processor

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Solaris 11 enable_passwd_compat

posted on 19th Mar, 2016

how to set enable_passwd_compat for LDAP under solaris 11

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Installing Solaris boot blocks

posted on 14th Mar, 2016

This post discusses how to install the boot block on a Solaris system running either the older UFS file system or the newer ZFS root file system.

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Virtialised clocks and timezones in Solaris

posted on 11th Mar, 2016

You can set time values in non-global zones that are different from the value in the global zone.

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How to configure a local repository in Solaris 11.3

posted on 4th Feb, 2016

Once completed, clients can use this repository server to get updates over the local network instead of via the internet.

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Installing a Version Control System in Solaris 11

posted on 28th Jan, 2016

Solaris 11 provides some of the open-source version control as IPS package

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Commonly Used Solaris 11 Network Administration Commands

posted on 28th Nov, 2015

This cheatsheet provides the basic command syntax to use for some common network administration tasks under Solaris 11.

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