A collection of system administration hints and tips, tricks and articles for the Solaris operating system in all its variants.

Solaris LDOM vs Zones

posted on 29th Jun, 2015

A Sun Logical Domain (LDom) is a full virtual machine whereas a Solaris zone is a virtual operating system.

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Solaris vs Linux - Package Management differences

posted on 20th Apr, 2015

This article provides a quick comparison between the pkg command of Solaris 11 and the yum command under RHEL

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Configuring datalink interfaces with dladm

posted on 23rd Mar, 2015

A configured data-link is represented in the system as interface that can be used for TCP/IP.

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Installing Oracle OEM agent on a Solaris host

posted on 12th Mar, 2015

This post provides the simple steps necessary to install the Oracle Enterprise Manager agent on a given Solaris system.

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How to check OEM agent status on Solaris

posted on 12th Mar, 2015

This article provides the steps necessary to check the status of the OEM agent on any given Solaris system

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End of an era - Solaris 8 and 9 recommended patches

posted on 27th Feb, 2015

Solaris 8 and 9 Extended (a.k.a Vintage) Support finished at the end of Oct 2014.

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Solaris zone status and configuration

posted on 2nd Feb, 2015

This article describes how to display the Solaris Zone Status and Configuration from the global zone.

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Determining a Solaris File System type

posted on 28th Jan, 2015

These commands work whether or not the file system is mounted.

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