Restarting the SAM-FS Archiver

This post simply provides the steps necessary to restart the SAM-FS archiver cleanly.

  1. Review currently running SAM related procs
    # ps -edf | grep sam
  2. See if there are any defunct procs. If there are, attempt to kill them off
    # ps -edf | grep defun
    # kill -9 <defunct-process-id>
  3. Review current archreqs in the queue
    # /opt/SUNWsamfs/sbin/showqueue -a
  4. Idle archiving and monitor activity until idle
    # samcmd aridle
    # samcmd a
  5. Stop robotic daemons
    # samd stop
  6. Review all SAMFS proc ids
    # ptree `pgrep sam-fsd`
  7. Then manually kill the archiver related procs
    # pkill -9 sam-arfind
    # pkill -9 sam-archiverd
  8. Manually remove any archreqs
    # rm /var/opt/SUNWsamfs/archiver/*/ArchReq/*
  9. Manually remove the archiver state file
    # rm /var/opt/SUNWsamfs/archiver/state
  10. Start robotic daemons and restart the archiver
    # samd start
    # samcmd arrestart
  11. Note different proc ids for the archiver procs
    # ptree `pgrep sam-fsd`
  12. Monitor the archiver
    # samcmd a