What is samfsinfo?

The samfsinfo command displays the file system structure for a specified file system and is included in the Sun StorEdge SAM-FS Suite and sun StorEdge QFS product suites.

The syntax for samfsinfo is:

samfsinfo <fs_name>

where fs_name is the family set name specified for the file system in the mcf file. The output from samfsinfo includes:

  • The information that the file system is mounted
  • The file system superblock version. Unless you are upgrading from version 3.x of the software, this will always be 2
  • The time and date that the file system was initialized
  • The size of the DAUs for metadata and data devices
  • The disk devices included in the file system, their equipment ordinals, and the order in which SAM-FS, SAM-QFS, or QFS use the devices.

The size of the file system and its included devices is presented in hexadecimal. This information, in decimal, is available in the output of samcmd m and samcmd f. The command samfsinfo is useful because it is the only command that outputs the value of the DAU.

For example:

# samfsinfo qfs1
samfsinfo: filesystem qfs1 is mounted.
name: qfs1 version: 2
time: Tue  9 Oct 10:02:46 BST 2012
count: 2
capacity: 00032140                 DAU: 64
space: 0002dd80
meta capacity: 00032140 meta DAU: 16
meta space: 000309b0
ord    eq    capacity    space       device
0      10    00032140    0002e270    /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s0
1      11    00032140    0002e430    /dev/dsk/c3t1d0s0
# samfsinfo qfs2
samfsinfo: filesystem qfs2 is mounted.
name: qfs2 version: 2
time: Tue  9 Oct 10:05:11 BST 2012
count: 2
capacity: 00064280                 DAU:   64
space: 0005c6a0
ord    eq    capacity    space       device
0      12    00032140    0002e270    /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s0
1      13    00032140    0002e430    /dev/dsk/c3t2d0s0