Troubleshooting the SAM-FS Releaser

The sam-archiverd(1M) and the sam-releaser(1M) are independent processes, but they work together to balance the amount of data available on disk cache. Files cannot be released unless at least one valid (not stale and not damaged) archive copy is available.

When you experience problems with releaser, you need to check the following:

  • Are files being archived?
  • Has the file system's high water mark been reached?
  • Is the disk cache available suitable for the amount of data that needs to be online?
  • Have -release n or -norelease been set in the archiver.cmd file?
  • Is associative staging set and set appropriately?
  • Is the file system high water mark set correctly?
  • Is the file system low water mark set too low?
  • Are large files busy?

Checking releaser Log files for possible errors reported

  • Log files related to the releaser process that may be helpful in problem determination are:
    • /var/adm/sam-log
    • /var/adm/messages
    • /var/opt/SUNWsamfs/trace/sam-archiverd
    • /var/opt/SUNWsamfs/trace/sam-releaserd
    • archiver log file (configurable)
    • releaser log file (configurable)
  • The samu cli display may also provide some assistance.
    • samu "a" display
    • samu "m" display

Supporting Documentation and Additional data collection

  • sfind
    # sfind /mountpoint -release_n -type f -print | wc
    # sfind /mountpoint -archived -online -type f -print | wc
  • Enable daemon tracing
  • Enable releaser logging