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Solaris tape device files and utilities

There are a number of utilities and files that come into play with tape drives in Solaris, and it is helpful to know how all the pieces fit together.

ACSLS Quick Reference Guide

Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) is Sun StorageTek's UNIX server software that controls an Automated Cartridge System (ACS).

Solaris st.conf entries

The st.conf is the configiuration file for the st (SCSI Tape) driver on the Solaris Operating System.

Installing Windows Server Backup

WSB is not installed by default. The feature installation is made by Server Manager. After installation, the tool can be accessed via console or CLI.

World Backup Day 2014

Until you need them, backups are a boring irritating waste of time. But when you need them, they can be an absolute life saver.

NetWorker checkpoint restart backups

The checkpoint restart feature allows a failed backup operation to restart at a known good point prior to the point-of-failure during the backup.


The jobquery command is a command-line based program used to query NetWorker server's jobs database.