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fssnap of / (root) fails under Solaris

Using fssnap we can quickly take a temporary snapshot of any UFS file system and then use that snapshot for backup operations.

Sending a ZFS snaphot

You can use the zfs send command to send a copy of a snapshot stream and receive the snapshot stream in another pool

ZFS Send and Receive

ZFS has the ability to send and receive data. This can be used to combine snapshots, create backups, or replicate data between servers

UFS snaphots

Basically, a snapshot is read-only copy of a file system (for the purpose of backup).

Performing SharePoint backups with NetWorker

NMM enables more granular backup and recovery than a standard VSS SHAREPOINT save set which can only be restored in its entirety.

NetWorker 8.1 Snapshot Management Demo

This video covers the prerequisites for configuring Snapshot Management, as well as using the client configuration wizard to create a client.

NetWorker Module Information

There are NetWorker modules for databases, email servers, enterprise applications and snapshot management.

ZFS Snapshots and Clones

The difference between a snapshot and a clone is that a clone is a writable, mountable copy of the file system.

Most commonly used XSCF commands

The eXtended System Control Facility Unit (XSCFU) is a service processor that operates and administrates both midrange servers