Restoring data using scanner and uasm

Sometimes we need to recover data from the tapes which are well beyond Browse & Retention Policies. Of course the index is no longer there & we want to recover particular data. This can be achieved by using uasm in NetWorker.

  1. Mount the Tape in the drive from which you want to recover the data into drive & follow the procedure given below.
    scanner /dev/rmt/1cbn
    This will report the SSID,client name & saveset name present in the Tape. Apparently we don't want to restore this on original location.
  2. Suppose we want to recover this on /tmp location. Now the desired SSID can be selected.
    scanner -S <ssid> /dev/rmt/1cbn | uasm -rv -m/usr=/tmp

    This will scan the bits right of the tape for given SSID & will pipe it to uasm for recevering. uasm is default ASM (Application Specific Module) for Unix Filesystem present. "r" switch for recovring, "v" for verbosity, "/usr" actual saveset & relocated to /tmp for recovery.

  3. To recover all the savesets for particular client, use this
    scanner -c <client name> -x uasm -rv -m/usr=/tmp
    This process can be automated using scripts to suite the needs.