Creating a DiskSuite RAID5 device

Creating a RAID 5 metadevice with Solstice DiskSuite is extremely simple. Unlike creating mirrors which involves several steps, creating a RAID 5 device consists of running a single command.


metainit <metadevice> -r <disk1> <disk2> <disk3> <disk4> <disk5> -i interleave [-h <hotspare>]


  • -r signifies that this will be a RAID 5 device
  • -i specifies the interleave size to be used
  • -h specifies the hot spare pool

NOTE: If hot spare disks are desired, the hot spare pool must have been previously created before creating the raid 5


The following example creates the hot spare pool hsp001 and then the d110 RAID 5 device.

  • Create the hotspare spool
    # metainit hsp001 c1t2d0s0 c2t2d0s0 c3t2d0s0
  • Create the RAID 5 device
    # metainit d30 -r c1t1d0s0 c2t0d0s0 c2t1d0s0 c3t0d0s0 c3t1d0s0 -i 64k -h hsp001